Ice Prevention

Ice-free keeping is a big topic in many different application areas. Not only in ponds and lakes, which are not only circulated and aerated all year round, but also in the cold season, a continuous oxygen exchange with the ice-free water surface is guaranteed. This supports the ecosystem with your living organisms, e.g. fish. Also in “technical” applications such as hydropower plants, which, thanks to the ice-free dam shutters, guarantee a reliable possibility of adjusting the fill level of the dam all year round. This ensures the stability of the dam walls, particularly in the event of meltwater events and heavy rainfall. A freezing of the dam shutters and thus a disturbance of the drain regulation can lead to a restriction of the operation or even to stability problems of the dam.

Alternatively, in the zoo, where a pool of water is a natural barrier and prevents the entry of foxes and thus protects the birds kept there.

An OLOID type 400, you can clearly see how the pool remains ice-free.

The OLOID Type 400 in the Kynast pond in Berlin. Nice to see that the pond is kept ice-free.



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