In this process, the OLOID body is positioned completely below the water surface. The water surface remains calm and pulse-like waves pass through the entire water volume, i.e. no additional oxygen is introduced by the OLOID. Installation is possible using a float, various attachments at the edge of the pool or by using depth frames.

Advantages over conventional stirrers

Circulation takes place in such a way that the surface water reaches deeper layers & deep water is pumped to the surface

Flow pattern is ideal for the OLOID positioned on the surface, for use in shallow pools with a large surface area

For deep basins, we recommend combining OLOID deep agitators with surface-mounted OLOIDs

The flow structure is impulse-like, allowing large volumes of water to be circulated with little energy input

Optimal support of biological decomposition processes. (e.g.: carbon and nitrogen elimination)

Eight-loop movement of the agitator results in good mixing

In cylindrical pools, the flow extends to a depth of 5 m

The shape and type of the movement are gentle on the material being stirred, hardly any shearing forces occur

Use with solar technology is possible, conserving fossil fuels.

Comparison of conventional agitator (left) and OLOID (right) in top (top) and side view (bottom)