Emergency / disaster / temporary sewage treatment plants

The following are just a few examples of the numerous possible applications for the treatment of industrial wastewater: Tank washing systems, treatment of fatty waste water from the meat processing industry, the treatment of wine waste water and the homogenization of iron sludge in drinking water treatment. However, all agitating and mixing tasks are conceivable.
The possibility of using OLOID technology should be carefully examined, as it is not suitable for all liquid media and not for all tank shapes. Limiting factors are, for example, the nature (physical and chemical properties) of the liquid medium such as solids content, viscosity, temperature, corrosiveness and solvent content.

An OLOID Type 400 in the shark tank of the Wilhelmshaven Aquarium.

Two OLOID type 600 for the treatment of iron sludge in Hamburg.

OLOID type 400 as a flange solution in a wax tank.

An OLOID type 400 for the treatment of biodegradable de-icer at Gatwick Airport.



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