Reservoir ponds for irrigation

Vegetable production, horticulture, tree nurseries, flower growers

Whether tree nurseries, ornamental plant cultivation or vegetable growing, industrial plant production depends on clean, high-quality water. For reasons of cost, environmental protection, water shortage, prevention of plant diseases and to increase production, water management is a strategic pillar of every horticultural business. The following key aspects are important:

– Reducing the amount of green algae in water reservoirs: no clogging of filters and irrigation devices, or infestation (green coloration) of the rockwool or styrofoam substrate of the growing plants.

– Homogenization of the dissolved oxygen in the water tank, water with a high oxygen content promotes plant growth, i.e. increased production.

– Avoidance of digested sludge in the water reservoir, the potential for plant diseases is massively reduced, no cleaning and desludging costs.

– In combination with other technologies, significant contribution to water disinfection and makes disinfection technology more cost-effective.

– Avoidance of blue-green algae blooms.

– Avoidance of duckweed growth and odor formation from stagnant water.

The benefits of using OLOID are as follows:

– Low energy consumption: an OLOID machine requires 250 watts for 10,000m3 of water, a competitor product between 3 – 5 KW.

– Can be used without technical infrastructure: The OLOID can be installed and operated with photovoltaic modules, which is particularly useful in remote areas.

Here an OLOID type 400 in horticulture in an irrigation pond.


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